söndag, maj 15, 2011


Årsdagen av staten Israels födelse och därmed domedagen i det palestinska medvetandet. Det finns alltid tre sidor på alla konflikter, min sida, din sida och den rätta sidan. Och den rätta sidan kommer sällan fram. FÖr att belysa detta bifogar jag två avsnitt ur historieböckerna om händelsen den 15 maj för 63 år sedan.
Den israeliska skolboken:
The war … is known as the War of Independence because it resulted in independence for the Jewish community in the land of Israel, in spite of the fact that at the beginning local Arabs, and then armies from Arab countries … attacked isolated Jewish communities, Jews in the cities, and on the roads…. They also employed terror tactics — all Jewish people, settlements and property were considered to be legitimate targets.
Den palestinska historieboken:
Fighting and clashes between the Jews and the Palestinians began after UN Resolution 181 was passed by the General Assembly on November 29, 1947. The situation deteriorated into an unequal confrontation. Zionist forces were organized, armed and trained. Not only were they superior to the Palestinians, who for over 30 years had been exhausted by unjust British policy and Zionist terrorism, but these gangs were also superior to the Arab armies, which entered the war on May 15, 1948.
Fred i min livstid? Skulle inte tro det.